Do People Really Grow Their Business Using Social Media?

by Bill Mooney

Never in our lifetimes has there been so many opportunities to reach so many people at such a low cost to get your message out than today.

As much as I find Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest of the social media platforms irritating, annoying, and invasive, these tools really are amazing and are extremely critical for marketing and selling your products, services, or attract customers into your establishment.

Marketing, simply put, is the action of getting the right message, to the right people, at the right time, using the right media.

I believe most business owners Instinctively understand social media can be a great tool for their business, but they have no idea how to use the platforms effectively. Many have tried social media marketing, and most waste a lot of money and time and give up.

If you don’t get up to speed and have a rock-solid social media marketing strategy in your marketing and sales plan right now, you will lose customers to your competition. Period.

It doesn’t matter what type of business or product you are trying to sell. You need to learn how to market effectively using social media tools, or your business will die. Your competitors will simply take your customers away if they haven’t already.

Yes, your competitors are using social media and making great money from these platforms. Personally, I’ve converted a lot of social media leads into big business off LinkedIn alone. (Be sure to look me up and request to link on LinkedIn

The Problem

The real “trick” to social media marketing is learning how to convert these highly-targeted leads into sales today and turning these leads into relationships for long-term sales too.

Most businesses only look at the short-term transactional buyer. They are generally missing the mark. They place an ad for a deal for a product or service, blast it one time looking for transactional buyers, and get horrible results. Then they give up and say social media marketing doesn’t work. It doesn’t using this lazy strategy.

Building a solid business and repeat sales means developing relationship buyers. The social media game is perfect for building relationship buyers. Most businesses experimenting with social media marketing are missing the point big-time.

It’s a “social media” platform. A place people go to be social and get information.  Perfect to cultivate relationship and repeat customers.

It’s not an “advertising” platform to close transactional sales.

Growing and Owning Your Herd

Personally, I’ve used social media platforms to extend my network and grow my followers (herd.) Then I spend some time and effort nurturing the herd to build trust. Once the trust is built, then the sales happen.

Your customer list (herd) is your life blood. Most businesses do not spend the time and energy developing, growing and nurturing your list.

With constant changing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter algorithms, you never really own your social media herd, you rent it from these companies and it’s getting more expensive to reach your own followers. I suggest to I’ll of my clients to move towards converting your social media followers into another platform where you own the herd, can build the relationships, and convert these leads into raging fans for life.

Look for my next post on strategies to convert your leads into a herd you own and not rent.

Be sure to contact me if you have any questions or want to become part of my “herd” and learn more how to grow your business with rock-solid strategies.


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